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KP Counseling Services is a State of Maryland certified program with a staff of certified counselors with many years of experience in the field of substance abuse. We offer treatment in a group setting to individuals who are suffering from the disease of addiction. 


The goal of KP Counseling Services is to serve those persons addicted to drugs who are over the age of 18 that reside in the Anne Arundel County and surrounding area. Our mission is to support the recovery, health and wellbeing of our clients.  We want to enhance the quality of life of our clients through a reduction or elimination of substance abuse.  Human beings have the capacity to take responsibility for their actions once they learn the skills to change.  KP Counseling Services will service those individuals according to state and federal laws and regulations. We feel that these goals can best be accomplished with an outpatient counseling program that exists in the community allowing our clients to maintain employment, family support and continuity in their lives without the use of illicit drugs.


The ultimate goal of this Program is to assist clients in becoming abstinent from all illicit substances, and to teach them how to maintain a healthy lifestyle through recovery. We support and encourage the client in their pursuit of a better quality of life. Until this goal is reached, the Program is committed to providing an array of services or referrals to address the needs of the client and their families. It is our hope that each client will be discharged with the skills to maintain abstinence from illicit substances, and the knowledge to build stable family relationships and reintegrate into the community in a positive way.

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